woe of tyrants - threnodyWoe Of Tyrants’ new album Threnody will be in the hands of fans by April 14th, but today you can get a taste of the shredtacular madness here.

Comments Woe of Tyrants vocalist Chris Catanzaro of the new song “Tempting the Wretch”:

This song was written to describe a point in Threnody in which our traveler is within a dream, a dream that is one of the few points in his journey where he experiences any semblance of peace and serenity. The walls begins to crumble around him, pieces of his true hellish reality breaking through in the form of fiendish and wiley beasts poised to torment and destroy him. As he is wrestling with morality, and whispers from those who mean to cause him harm, he ends up dancing amongst the dead and damned under a burning sky of sulfur rain. That part of the song is him momentarily “embracing the filth”, and joining in with the torment. The song describes the fear of completely abandoning God, as well as the temptation to do so. At the end of the song he awakens from the dream, with only a cold and cryptic sense of disarray remaining.

Yes, I know, there is a tiny bit of clean singing. I meant to avoid it on this record, but the part didn’t work any other way to fit the message and mood I was going for. Hate on it all you want, but I assure you that we made the rest of this song chaotic and disgusting enough to not have a chance of making us millions. Much love, and we appreciate MetalSucks as always for supporting our group.

Pre-order Threnody for only $12 and listen to another new song, “Creatures of the Mire.” We haven’t heard the full album yet but the two new songs posted so far have us excited.

[this promotion has ended]

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