SMNnews.com linked to a really cool interview on Ryan’s Rock Show the other day with original System of a Down drummer and Apex Theory frontman Andy Khachaturian. Andy played drums for System for 4 years before a hand injury forced his exit from the band on the eve of their breakthrough, but Andy persevered by taking matters into his own hands (ha) and starting Apex Theory, who eventually signed with DreamWorks.

I remember really liking Apex Theory’s debut full-length Topsy-Turvy when it came out in 2002 but I haven’t listened to it since. Going on YouTube to find a video to post with this piece and watching through “Shhh… (Hope Diggy)” and “Apossibly” (above) it’s obvious looking back that Apex Theory were very much a product of their era with some questionable fashion, production techniques and, uh, semi-rapping… but the musical foundation of a good band is definitely there and their talent is still miles above what many of their major label peers were hawking at the time. I’ma have to go back, dig this album up and give it a solid listen.

Anyway, the Ryan’s Rock Show interview is really interesting. Khachaturian talks about his time in System of a Down, starting Apex Theory, that band’s eventual break-up, how business pressures can ruin young bands and what he’s up to musically these days.


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