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The new Korn song is called “Oildale.” Oildale is a real town in California. And it’s apparently not a very nice place, either – I think Urban Dictionary sums it up best when they say that Oildale is “a down ass town next to Bakersfield where them White Power Gangsters put in work.” The reliable experts at Wikipedia tell me Korn vocalist Jonathan “I’m Not the Star Wars Audio Book Dude” Davis was born in Bakersfield, so I guess he knows from where them White Power Gangsters put in work. (Wikipedia also tells me that Davis’ favorite band as a kid was Duran Duran, which explains a lot.) He also still knows from being a frowny teenager: “Why don’t you just leave me alone?!” he screams in the chorus. So, y’know. Thug life.

Korn debuted this new song during a recent performance in Alaska, so maybe there’s s’posed to be some kind of “oil” message in the lyrics, too. Maybe it’s the oil that wants to be left alone! That’d be deep, yo.

“Oildale” will presumably appear on Korn’s new album, Korn III – Remember When You Liked Korn? Yeah, Me Neither! It’s being released by Roadrunner, who, between Korn and Rob Zombie, seem headed down the E1 path of signing already-established artists – which isn’t the worst business plan in the world. And it’ll be fun to see who they sign next. Marilyn Manson needs a label, doesn’t he?


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