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Dear Meek is Murder,

I am sorry it took me so long to finally see you guys live. Even though there were multiple opportunities for me to do so. Even though guitarist/vocalist Mike Keller used to be in The Red Chord. Even though drummer Frank Godla is in Empyreon, who are a totally awesome band that sounds nothing like Meek is Murder. Even though your bassist is named Sam Brodsky, and dudes with the name “Brodsky” have a good track record working in heavy music. Even though Vince has already written about how awesome you are. I have no excuse. I am a schmuck.

But if it makes you feel better, I did finally see you play last night, and it was by far the most fun I’ve had a show this year.

Of course, it was only a fifteen minute set, and the longest song you played was a cover of Botch’s “Japam.” (Scratch that – the best fucking cover of Botch’s “Japam” of which one could ever conceive.) But all other nine songs – yes, you played ten songs in those fifteen minutes – were incredible, so much so that I’ve been playing your EP, Mosquito Eater, on repeat pretty much since last night. The amount of energy you dudes brought to your set was pretty-mind blowing, too. I was pretty sure Brodsky was gonna hit someone with his bass as he convulsed right into the crowd, but that only would have made shit awesomer.

And Keller has the best stage banter, like, ever. I really did not know nearly as much about dinosaurs as I do now. Thank you.

Meek is Murder, I’m sorry I’ve neglected you. But I am going to change that right now by telling everyone who reads MetalSucks that they need to check out your band. Because you FUCKING RULE.

And the next gig you do? I will definitely not miss it.

Kisses and bunnies,

Double-Jew Axl Rosenberg

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