• Axl Rosenberg

I don’t know why it bothers me so much when people rip-off some bands, like Tool and Meshuggah, but not that much when they rip-off other bands, like Slayer and Pantera. I mean, every fucking band in the world steals from Slayer on a regular basis, but I’m never like “Oh, fuck these guys, they’re no Slayer.” On the other hand, some band comes along that clearly wants to be Meshuggah, and I can’t be bothered. Are Meshuggah just so inimitable that I can’t handle anyone even trying to ape them? I dunno. I’ll bring it up in therapy this week.

While we wait to see what the good doctor has to say on the matter, here’s “High Pain Threshold,” the new video from Poland’s Neurothing, who clearly want so badly to be Meshuggah you wonder why they didn’t just name their band “Meshuggoh” or some shit. I wrote very briefly about how little I like this band when their album Murder Book came out last year, and this video hasn’t changed my opinion, which basically boils down to, “YOU’RE NOT MESHUGGAH SO JUST CUT IT THE FUCK OUT.”

At least the director found a clever way around his budgetary issues: just don’t light anyone.


[via Metal Underground]

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