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  • Axl Rosenberg

Kamelot are one of those bands that I’ve heard about for-ever and never, ever actually listened to. Why, you ask? I dunno. Probably because they’re called “Kamelot.” That’s one of those band names that tells you everything you need to know before you ever hear a single note. Seriously. I don’t mean to judge a book by it’s cover, but like Doc Coyle said: if you went to see a band called “Fuck You in the Eye Socket” and they sounded like DragonForce, you’d feel pretty misled, right? And we all know what genre any band called “Kamelot,” or whose name is in any way a misspelling of something from a famous legend about knights and shit, is going to to play. But in case you’re a total dolt and are thinking “Grindcore?” right now, keep in mind that their albums always have titles like Epica and Dominion and Eternity for Men, and covers that look like this:


So, yeah. Power metal. And not good power metal, like Mercenary or Communic; power metal so cheesy you could mix it with your macaroni.

And so this bootleg footage of a new song, “The Great Pandemonium,” is the first time I’ve ever actually heard Kamelot, but, sho’ ’nuff, they’re a cheesy power metal band. But they clearly have a following, so… anyone care to defend them? Tell me I’m an idiot for thinking there’s any difference between these cats and Communic? Or at least ponder how this band could possibly be from Tampa and not Germany or someplace like that? Get it out of your system in the comments section.


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