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I know what you’re thinking: Taproot were never the most forward thinking band anyway. And you’d be right. But I rather enjoyed 2002’s Welcome and 2005’s Blue Sky Research because both albums pushed the bands sound forward into areas they’d never been before, dropped the nu-metal leanings and displayed a knack for really solid songwriting. 2008’s Our Long Road Home lacked the polish and rounded edges either of those two albums had; seems that without the major label budget and team of songwriters the band couldn’t come up with something quite as good.

So then Victory Records signed Taproot. I was a bit puzzled by that one too. But for the band that move represents a much bigger support system for recording and distributing their new album, if also an entry into the world of extremely shady business practices. Their new album Plead the Fifth will come out on May 11th, and the new single “Fractured (Everything I Said Was True)” is streamable below. And it’s really kind of meh. It’s an ok Taproot song in that it’s got Richards’ distinct vocals… but otherwise it’s just so generic. Looks like Victory and Taproot are going the rock radio route, which I guess makes sense from a business standpoint but really doesn’t do anything for the band artistically. Oh well.


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