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On Wednesday we posted a video of a dude proposing to his girlfriend on-stage at a recent Fear Factory concert. I really thought that that was the first and last time the subject would ever come up, but, lo and behold, yesterday afternoon I actually got an e-mail from the guy – his name is Charley Ray, as it turns out, and his fiancée’s name is Alexis – saying “I never thought I’d get ‘coverage’ on the proposal…. We had a good time and it was unbelievably cool that Fear Factory let me do that.”

Of course, such a marriage proposal is, um, unusual, to put it mildly, so I needed to know more. And Charles was cool enough to grant me a quick e-mail interview. After the jump, learn all the ins and outs of this most bizarre story.

Why did you wanna propose at a Fear Factory concert?

Well, why not? Fear Factory has been one of my favorite bands for as long as I can remember, and Dino’s always been a huge influence on my guitar playing and tone. They’ve always been “that band” for me, you know, no matter who you listen to, you can always pop in Demanufacture or Obsolete and rock the fuck out. When Alexis and I started dating, she got more interested into the “heavier” stuff (and trust me, Fear Factory is a far cry from what she normally listens to) and she became a fan as well. Additionally, the timing happened to be perfect, so I took a shot in the dark and it all came together.

How did you manage to make that happen?

Rick, one of the VIPs from, contacted Dino [Cazares] for me and ran the idea past him. Dino seemed keen to the idea, and Burton [C. Bell] agreed that it would be cool. Then Dino and I started e-mailing back and forth. The day of the show, I went to the merch table and talked to Dino while my fiancée thought I was taking a leak. The whole thing snowballed from there. Dino’s tech brought us backstage for their set, and the rest is history. All the guys in the band were super fucking cool to let me do that. I honestly can’t thank all of them enough.

Why did Alexis think you were going back stage, and then suddenly standing on stage?

I told her that Dino and I were acquaintances, and he was letting us watch from backstage. He had given me some fistbumps and whatnot during the show when we’d see him walking around.

Why the heck were you wearing a Fear Factory shirt at a Fear Factory show?

Haha, I was afraid this would come up. Trust me, I’m not “that guy.” I had bought the shirt earlier and had no place to put it. Don’t judge me!

Which Fear Factory track do you plan to use as a wedding song?


Are Alexis and yourself planning to have babies? And, if so, are you worried about Dino eating them?

Hahaha, not for a while, dude. And honestly, I’m more scared of Gene [Hoglan] consuming the universe than Dino eating my kids. Although I am looking forward to having metal minions to help me take over the world.

Thanks to Charles for submitting to my stupid questions. For all the shit I give Dino, it was really cool of him and the rest of Fear Factory to allow Charles to do this. Mazel tov to Charles and Alexis – we wish them all the best!!!


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