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I cannot see the name “Zoroaster” and not think about coffee. I know that’s not even how you pronounce it, but, seriously. I see “Zoroaster” and mind just goes, “Milk and two sugars, please.”

If the dudes from Zoroaster are reading this, well, I hope they don’t take offense, since I actually think they’re peachy. (I saw them open for Gojira and Burst last year, and they were really fun to watch live.) And this video (of admittedly dubious quality) of them doing a new song, “Ancient Ones,” at Hoek’s Death Metal Pizza during SXSW suggests to me that the band’s new album, Matador, is gonna rock. Even if it makes me wanna get all caffeinated n’ shit.

Matador is scheduled to come out in July on E1.


[via Blabbermouth]

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