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The only time I saw Zoroaster live was when they opened for Gojira and Burst in Brooklyn last fall. Honestly — and nothing against these dudes at all — I was so preoccupied with the fact that I was about to see Gojira perform the best show of 2009 and Burst perform for the first/last time ever in New York that I really wasn’t focused on Zoroaster at all. I agree with Axl’s assessment of the show; Zoroaster were pretty good. I think.

But with a brand new album on the way I’m likely to get a lot more chances to see these doomy destroyers in action in the near future. Salome road correspondent Grim Kim seems mighty fond of ’em, so that’s gotta be worth something, and for chrissakes these guys played on a tour called The Beard Destroyer Tour. But the fact that drummer Dan Scanlan is a Mike Tyson’s Punch Out guru — as shown below in the studio video sent in by MS reader Ashley Lee — automatically predisposes me towards liking this band; I mean, it’s only the best NES game EVER made. I never could beat Mike Tyson; I can literally breeze through the rest of the game but can barely get through one round with Iron Mike. Dan, if you’re reading this… can you do it? If so, HOW??

Side note: someone oughtta do a metal rendition of the music from Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. It’s probably been done already but I’m too lazy to search at the moment.


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