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ratt - infestationSome of the brutalest, trvest, kvltest metal dudes that I know are all in agreement: the new Ratt record is the fucking shit. I always get a bit of an odd look when I tell someone “You gotta check out the new Ratt record!” after being asked what new music I’ve been digging lately, but every single time I get an email or text a couple of days later saying, “Holy shit dude, you were right. This rocks!” And this is true all across the board, from dudes in brutal metal bands to casual fans who only know a couple of Ratt’s biggest hits. Because let’s face it, we all grew up on this shit and it’s in our blood. No one came out of the womb loving “true” black metal that was made by a one-man band in a cabin somewhere in the remote reaches of Norway and is only known about by you and your best buddy. It’s ok… let it go… it’s ok to enjoy this music! Your cred will not be damaged. Just the opposite, in fact; you’ll be the coolest and happiest motherfucker on your block.

I’ve extolled the virtues of Infestation plenty in this space, so this is my last ditch effort before April 20th’s official album release. Roadrunner Records is giving away the album’s opening track “Eat Me Up Alive” for free right here. The song is a helluva way to kick off a killer album and a helluva introduction to said album if you’ve been hesitant up until this point. If you don’t like it, I’ll give you your money back… promise.


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