Actually the song in this video is called “Lord of the Wasteland,” but I wanted to do my usual put-the-song-title-in-the-headline bullshit. So I cheated. Sue me.

ANYWAY, Toxic Holocaust and Municipal Waste, two bands that certainly both have a sense of humor, are playing here in New York on Earth Day next week; unfortunately I can’t make it (although I think MS will represented at the show by Antonin Skullia, Esq.). The show is most certainly going to be better than Avatard, which comes out DVD the same day (My local Best Buy is advertising a special midnight release party for the Smurf movie’s arrival; if I walk by there in the hours prior and see anyone lined up and as though OHMYFUCKINGGODWHATIFTHEYDON’THAVEENOUGHCOPIESOFTHEAVATARDDVD?!?!?, I’m going to give them a titty twister.) But at least I can watch Toxic Holocaust play live via the footage in this video! And I don’t even need stupid glasses to enjoy it! (I mean besides the stupid glasses I always have to wear in order to see. But not another pair of glasses on top of that.)

Find out if you’re luckier than me and can go see these dudes live – check out their current tour dates. “Lord of the Wasteland” appears on the album An Overdose of Death…, which is out now on Relapse.


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