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axl rosenbergGoogle’s search algorithm is a funny thing. For example, I just switched web browsers (to Google Chrome… which smokes Firefox in speed if you’re wondering), and though I imported all of my settings not everything made the cut. When I went to type “numberoftheblog” into the address bar the auto-fill wasn’t working, so I just hit return and ended up with a google search for “Number of the Blog metal.” And the number three result was MetalSucks. We be linkin’ to Number of the Blog and they be linkin’ to us, so for some reason Google decides to include us in a search result for their site. The Internets!

Anyhoo, remember when “deseee” (don’t ask me how to pronounce that) of TNOTB interviewed me? (Part 1 and Part 2) Somehow he managed to convince Axl to lay off the bong long enough to put together some pretty coherent and funny answers to deseee’s equally serious and ridiculous questions. ‘Cause my buddy Axl’s a “moderately successful metal blogger” (his own words). Sample:

Why SOOOOOOOO much advertising on the site?

What happened was, we hired Gene Simmons to sell ads for us, and we told him we’d give him a cut of any banners he sold. Suddenly, ads fucking everywhere. Damndest thing.

Read the whole interview at The Number of the Blog. It’s scintillating!


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