Stand down, posers! Our proteges over at The Number of the Blog and Heavy Blog is Heavy have teamed up to topple the mighty corporate goliath that is MetalSucks by compiling a giant list: The 100 Best Albums of the 00’s. Don’t they know that any attempt at defining the best metal in the 21st century (even if they’re only focusing on 10 mere years of it) is completely futile, rendered useless by the ultimate, definitive, end-game masterlist — The 21 Best Metal Albums of the 21st Century So Far… — that we compiled in 2009??? Nice attempt by piddly metal bloggers at getting their audiences riled up over subjective taste, a favorite old pasttime of ours. I hope no one reads your stupid list and this thing goes belly-up.

I kid, I kid… I love both blogs dearly and I look forward to checking in on a daily basis to see who they come up and how they do so. Our list’s greatest strength was also its downfall; the industry panel that voted lended the list an air of authority but the results didn’t necessarily reflect popular opinion, and a number of bands ended up being represented multiple times. The TNOTB+HBIH list only allows one album per band, which should make things interesting. They’re also allowing reader submissions. Read their rules here.

This would probably be a good opportunity to let you all know that we’re making a new list! It has nothing to do with albums or anything that happened in an easily defined time-period. Expect it in May. That’s all we’re giving you today… any guesses? Tee-hee!


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