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The Nachtmystium/Addicts flame wars have already begun. I know this because some fans – including one reader of this site – have expressed concerns over the band’s new logo in lieu of actually having new music to criticize. I recognize that logos often tell you what kind of band you’re about to hear, but… it’s not like Nachtmystium are a new band. And concern over logo changes make me think we’re all still suffering from the PTSD caused by Load – when Metallica’s long-time logo changed, that’s when the band really started to suck. But I promise you, Nachtmystium are not about to release a Load, or pull a Cryptopsy and put out a deathcore album. So why did they get a new logo? Is it because having a pentagram and inverted crosses probably makes the stocking of their albums and merch in certain venues less likely? Or were they just tired of the old one? I honestly have no idea what the answer is, but it strikes me as a moot point. Addicts is a truly great record, and their logo could be a poop smear for all I care – in fact, their new logo does kinda look like poop smears.

If people got in a tizzy over nothing more than a little over one minute of music and some album art, then I can’t wait to see what they have to say about the actual music, which is now starting to emerge into the world. First, we have some pro-shot German television footage of the band performing the opening track from Addicts, “High on Hate.” It’s actually one of the only kinda-sorta traditionalist black metal songs on Addicts, and isn’t really all that indicative of the sound of the album. Which is not to say that it doesn’t rule, because, clearly, it does.

Meanwhile, Stereogum is giving away a free mp3 of the song “No Funeral,” which, as I noted a few weeks back, is that rarest of commodities: a metal song you can dance to. You’re either gonna hear those keyboards and think “AL-RIGHT!”, or some homophobic slur is going to pop into your brain. Either way, I’d be surprised if anyone had a mild reaction to the song. Download it here.


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