Green Eggs and Slam


  • Sergeant D


As some of you may know, my favorite 19 year-old hottie isn’t Demi Lovato, it’s the internet’s own Cam Argon, better known as Big Chocolate. He’s the vocalist for Disfiguring the Goddess, Abominable Putridity, Burning The Masses, a DJ, and a criminal justice major. For more background on Big C, check out the interview I did with him on Metal Inquisition a while ago — otherwise, here’s some stuff off his YouTube channel.

You may know him for the absurdly brutal videos he made in his bedroom a couple years ago. I can’t believe he was in high school when he did this — I could barely play Black Flag songs, let alone do shit like this.

He’s still doing vocal videos, and he’s never been more brutal. However, I must object to the hints of deathcore-style melody in this song at around :45. Don’t go soft on me, bro!! KEEP IT FUCKIN BRUTAL, DON’T STOP THE PIT RIFFMENT!!!!

This electro song is pretty tight, kinda reminds me of something my bro Chaz Windus aka Blazing Lazer would do.

Cam did a YouTube vocal contest a while, featuring entries from turds like this kid. When did scene-haired dipshits start doing ass-raping guttural vocals so well?? :/

Guest vocals with Suffocation, including an uncanny Frank Mullen impression!

Good luck with school, Cam — and keep on slamming in the free world!!


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