Green Eggs and Slam


  • Sergeant D


The Metal Sucks staff may have more “-stein” and “-berg” surnames than the trading floor of a Wall Street investment bank, but I know Axl and Vince are open to exploring the entire spectrum of global faiths. I am sure we can also agree that music is the one common thread that unites all of us, so what better way to learn about Jesus Christ than through my favorite thing: BREAKDOWNS!

That said, I am not a Christian, so this video raised a lot of questions in my mind. Why are almost all deathcore/screamy metalcore bands these days Christian? Is there some sort of link between forgettable, generic breakdowns and love for Christ? Does their youth pastor give them a gold star every time they steal a riff from a third-rate metalcore band (Norma Jean, Underoath) who stole it from At The Gates or Dillinger Escape Plan? What happened to the old-fashioned Jesus-fueled moshcore I grew up with – bands like Strongarm, Overcome, The Crucified, and especially the legendary Unashamed??

In all seriousness, it’s weird how metalcore (and to a lesser extent deathcore) is increasingly dominated by Christian bands. I don’t have a problem with it at all (I like most Christians), but it’s definitely a far cry from fifteen or twenty years ago when you would have been excommunicated from the scene for being religious. It seems like Underoath and The Devil Wears Prada just blew up overnight, with plenty of quasi-Christian bands like A Day To Remember hot on their heels, and Rise Records releases filling the shelves at Hot Topic. Can anybody shed some light on how this happened? Was there some linchpin band who started this weirdness?? Will metalcore be the defacto soundtrack to Christianity??

Yours in Christ,

Sergeant D

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