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Maybe Bible-bashing is sexually transmitted.

Offending someone’s religious beliefs is considered a criminal act in Poland. And so back in March, Behemoth’s Nergal (his birth certificate says “Adam Darski”) was formally charged with insulting Roman Catholics after he called the Catholic Church “the most murderous cult on the planet” and destroyed a copy of the Bible on-stage during a 2007 concert (see video here). And while that controversy is ongoing, now it seems that Nergal’s fiancée, super-hot Polish pop star Doda (her birth certificate says “Dorota Rabczewska”), is getting in on the act, and finding herself under attack from the same group that’s currently leading the charge against her betrothed. From Paliban Daily:

In a television interview last year, Doda explained that she found it far easier to believe in dinosaurs than the Bible; “it is hard to believe in something written by people who drank too much wine and smoked herbal cigarettes.”

Of course, the Committee for the Defence Against Sects – a Polish group that exists to “protect Christian values” – wasn’t too happy about Doda’s comments, and, under the leadership of Ryszard Nowak, are now prosecuting Doda, who faces up to two years in prison if convicted. It will surprise exactly zero people to learn that Nowak and his posse are the same people who brought the current charges against Nergal.

I’ve given my big “freedom of artistic expression” rant against Nowak and idiots like Nowak, so I’m not really sure what else there is to say here, other than, y’know, “this is bullshit.” Still, it’s good to know that Nergal and Doda (that sound like a pair of Muppets to anyone else?) have some common interests besides music, stage names, and shtupping.

I’m really curious to see how this plays out. In the meantime, celebrate Nergal and Doda’s love for another in our comments section.


Thanks to James Hadinger for the tip.

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