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  • Axl Rosenberg

Reader BassOfSpades e-mailed us earlier today about Lich King, who he calls “The World’s Greatest Thrash Band.” And if by “world’s greatest thrash band” he means “world’s umpteeth re-thrash band with absolutely nothing new to contribute to the genre,” then, yeah, they are the world’s greatest thrash band.

I mean, I’m sure this band has never actually held a meeting to discuss ways in which they could irritate the fucking shit outta me, but it sure seems like they did. “Let’s not do anything original!” one member suggested (in my imagination). “And let’s name ourselves after some shit having to do with World of Warcraft, a game so geeky other geeks make fun of it!” chimed in another. “And let’s write a goofy song about Robocop, even though it’s already funny, and satirizing a satire makes no fucking sense whatsoever!” yells the last Einstein from the corner.

I mean, Christ, at least write goofy song about Robocop 3, right? That way we can all be in on the joke, instead of, y’know, sitting here, scratching my nuts, wondering what I ever did to BassOfSpades to make him suggest I listen to this drek.


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