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Endre Pál – or “palendre,” as he’s known on YouTube – is the guitar player for an incredibly cheesy Hungarian band called Sub-Zero, apparently along with his grandson and his grandson’s friends. Guess which which one is Endre:


If you guessed the troll in the front, the lurking dude in the back, or the aging Damn Yankees devotee on the far left, you guessed wrong. (I have nothing particularly funny to say baout the dude on the far right.) But if you guessed the smiling dude with white hair, well, go watch some internet porn to reward yourself for being so clever.

And the thing is, as awful as Sub-Zero are – and let’s be real, this band is abysmal – I have to commend Endre for being way, way cooler than anyone I currently know who is his age. To wit, these videos of him covering various metal classics:

Now, it would obviously be wrong of me to claim that Endre is an amazing guitar player. If he was nineteen years old, I’d say, “Hey, I bet those skills get that kid laid every so often.” And I’d be happy for him.

But I don’t know any old dudes that sit around and play Slayer, do you?

Or how about Yngwie?

Or Annihilator?

I mean, come ON, people. Give the man a round of applause. This guy is probably only five years or so older than my parents, and my parents just want to be someplace quiet and warm.

Endre has a ton more videos. Go here to amuse yourself.


Thanks to MetalStew for the tip.

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