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It’s been a celebratory month of self-congratulatory pats on the back here at the MS Mansion; Decibel name-checked “Sumeriancore” in a full-page feature on Veil of Maya and Sumerian Records co-owner / ex-Reflux vocalist / Sumeriancore creator Ash Avildsen acknowledged the term in an interview with AP.* Next in our sites: Rolling Stone.

As for those dudes at The Number of the Blog, well, they were so enamored of the term from the get-go that they created their very own regularly recurring Sumeriancore Sunday column. And their latest featurette spotlights a band called I, Your Liege who hail from our very backyard in New York City; why we haven’t heard of this band yet is a mystery to me. But I’m thankful for the opportunity to discover them, ’cause I, Your Liege are pretty good; their brand of Sumeriancore utilizes atmospherics and non-traditional song structures instead of an over-reliance on breakdowns and shred (though the band members have got plenty of chops and certainly utilize both in limited measures). Think: more Conducting From the Grave, less Born of Osiris… with the sonic texturing of Shels.

It’s good stuff, and you should check ’em out. Download their entire debut EP for free here.


*Although his crusade to get kids to start buying CDs en masse again is a total head-scratcher… especially for a label whose target demo is so adept at piracy.

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