Slave to the Grind


  • Axl Rosenberg

Like so many grind bands, Gridlink (a.k.a. “Another awesome grind band with ex-Discordance Axis vocalist Jon Chang”) make really, really short songs. Their first album, Amber Gray, was eleven tracks in something like twelve minutes; that was two years ago already. I don’t mean to understate the amount of work that goes into making twelve minutes of music, let alone twelve minutes of excellent music, or in any way suggest that these are Triple A riffs which can be hammered out in a few hours – but come on. If your band makes twelve-minute long albums, you should be release, like, at least three albums a year. At least.

But I guess these dudes have other things to do than sit around all day and work on making me happy, ’cause they’re only just now getting around to getting into the studio to put together their follow-up. Still, I guess I should stop being a spoiled brat and just be grateful that this year we’ll get another twelve minutes of music-to-kill-your-obnoxious-neighbor’s-family-while-you-make-him-watch-by.

Gridlink will apparently debut some of this new music at Maryland Deathfest this weekend, which is reason 8,679 why I should have gone. Oh well.

Here’s half of Gridlink’s Amber Gray, in case you doubt their awesomocity.


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