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behind the blackest tears

Three songs through my first listen of The Blackest Tears, the new album from the Jamey Jasta / Kirk Windstein collaboration Kingdom of Sorrow, MySpace greeted me with an advertisement for Dove GoFresh moisturizer. Fucking metal! Dove sure knows their audience well.

With less than a week to go until the album release, Kingdom of Sorrow are streaming The Blackest Tears in its entirety on their MySpace page. So far I’d say it definitely delivers on Windstein’s promise of  being “literally heavier than pre-op Johnny Popper bashing the living you-know-what out of Carnie Wilson in a tub of lard,” and I like it more than I did self-titled debut. In an emergency MS Mansion summit called the other day to discuss the abominable condition of the Monkey Playhouse, Gary Suarez remarked that he didn’t like this record as much as the debut because he thought it didn’t have as many good hooks. Taste is a funny thing, because I think this record’s actually got better hooks than the first. But that’s why we keep Señor Suarez around; we say tom-AY-to, he says tom-AH-to.

The Blackest Tears drops June 8th on Relapse Records. Stream it all for free right here.


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