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  • Axl Rosenberg

Yesterday we wrote about Dio’s public memorial service, which took place this past Sunday; unfortunately, since no one from MetalSucks was actually in the area and able to attend, all of our info was second-hand. But those magnificent bastards at Metal Injection sent the great Johnny Orlando Jr. to cover the event and have filed the below exclusive report.

Mostly it’s interviews with Dio fans who are, generally speaking, somber and sincere if not necessarily hyper-articulate (see the quote in our headline), but the best parts come towards the end – first when Mr. Orlando Jr. interviews one of the protesters that was pictured in our article yesterday and actually gets him to participate in duet of a song I won’t spoil for you, and then when he interviews Dio’s biggest fan, who… well, just watch, I promise it’s totally worth it:

By the way, I estimated that there were 75 protestors at the event, a number I pulled directly from my anus; those of you who were there say it was far, far less. Needless to say, that information makes me very happy, so thank you for sharing. How far less, though? Did anyone even see Fred Phelps there? The fact that Johnny interviewed a guy who was also photographed by the AP makes me think there really must have been, like five or ten protestors. Either that, or this dude is just an attention whore, and will be joining Dio in Hell just as soon as his God can send him there. Vanity is a sin, dude!


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