Laugh At Others' Misfortunes


  • Axl Rosenberg

I’m filing this under the “Laugh At Others’ Misfortunes” category because it’s always funny to see people that aren’t you get hurt. But the truth is, the incidents in question aren’t nearly on par with, say, Bret Michaels getting whacked in the head at last year’s Tony Awards, mostly because they’re not really brought about by outrageous acts of stupidity, whereas Michaels’ injury was clearly, despite his claims, entirely of his own doing.

First, some dude managed to get up on stage during a Slash solo gig in Milan and tackle the frizzy haired guitarist. Note that Slash barely even stops his solo – apparently his guitar was broken after the incident, but he didn’t even notice at first. What a pro! (And don’t worry, my fellow guitar fetishists – the instrument was repaired and back in action two nights later.) Still, if the guy shouted “PARADISE CITY WITH FERGIE AND CYPRESS HILL SUCKS!” right before he tackled Slash, then he’s my hero.

Here it is at another angle; skip to 1:18:

Meanwhile, Megadeth were playing a festival in Denmark on Friday night, and after completing his solo in “Tornado of Souls,” Chris Broderick slipped and fell on his ass. Now, on the one hand, this should be funnier than the Slash incident, because Broderick’s own klutziness brought about his downfall. But then, the fall isn’t big enough to be that funny; I know plenty of uncoordinated people who take much larger, much more hilariouser spills on a daily basis. So it is Broderick’s fault, but I’m not really gonna laugh too hard at him. I’ll laugh a little, though.

Skip to the 1:03 mark to see Broderick go down:


Slash footage from Blabbermouth; thanks to everyone who e-mailed us about both occurrences.

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