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Post like this one make me pine for the glory days of Metal Inquisition, when those glorious “journalists” published detailed investigative reports on fascinating subjects like Joey Belladonna’s house. Needless to say when I saw Lucho’s headline contained the phrase “Small-Amp Metal” I knew instantly what he meant without even having to read the article. If you’ve ever been a band working the local circuit — or you’ve supported your friends in bands working the local circuit — you should also know all too well about small-amp metal.

Sez Lucho, “Please pay close attention to the singer’s amazing vocal abilities. Also notice that at :31 seconds, I think the singer utters the line ‘she has wonderful titties.’” Seeing as this ditty is called “Heathers Racks” (plural? she’s got more than one rack? or are there more than one Heather?) I’d love to know what the rest of the lyrics are, but alas, the singer’s unintelligible vocals aren’t having it. I think I heard “All I wanna see are Heather’s titties” at around 1:50.

Pure gold.


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