Since resident film guru and music video dissector Axl Rosenberg is still out of the office, lemme try and break down the new Ozzy video for “Scream” Axl-style.

I’m pretty sure Axl would be excited that this is an actual music video made with a high budget as opposed to the usual band-in-a-warehouse type deal, but I’m also pretty sure that he’d think the animation and CG effects are really cheesy. He’d then compare the animated characters in the video to specific characters from really famous movies I’ve never heard of or seen, and he’d get pretty pissed about it in that snarky, cynical way that only Axl can. There’s no way he’d let such a good opportunity to rag on Ozzy’s age pass by, so I’m gonna go out on a limb and say he’d definitely call attention to the fact that Ozzy looks like he’s about to be blown over by all the wind in that final scene. And I’d hope that he’d note how Gus G. barely gets any face time in this video, and parts of his [awesome] guitar solo are obscured by fucking explosion sounds for chrissakes. And he’d probably throw in some reference to the Ozzy / Zakk Wylde / Gus G. fracas for good measure.

There. How’d I do, Axl?


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