If there’s any band that’s even come close to filling the void left by the late wonky, freaky prog metallers SikTh, that band is CiliCe; they even inexplicably capitalize random letters of their one-word band name. You may remember that CiliCe vocalist Daniël De Jongh left the band in March to fill the void in Textures left by departed singer Eric Kalsbeek, so if you weren’t familiar with CiliCe until then, that should tell you something about the band; they’re really, really good. Kalsbeek was no slouch, and any band that’s compared favorably to SiKth and Textures certainly isn’t full of any slouches either. “Slouch” sounds kind of funny when you repeat it a bunch of times. Say it aloud. Slouch slouch slouch. What the fuck?

Got Djent is reporting that the still vocalist-less CiliCe have released a new video for “Mental Breakdown” from 2009’s excellent Deranged Headtrip album. This strikes me as somewhat of an odd time to release a video — the album having come out almost a year and a half ago — but perhaps the band is just trying to stay in the minds of fans, and at the same time trying to get into the news to aid their vocalist search. It’s a live clips video, but it’s a really well-done one, and since the band has never come to the U.S. (to my knowledge) it’s a cool look into what these dudes look like and play like. Check it out.


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