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tesseractTesseracT are like the Tool of djent. Mysterious, never to be seen, and never releasing albums. The entire guitar dorkdom of the Webernets has been on their collective e-toes for years waiting for a TesseracT album, ANY TesseracT album. When will it come? Why is it taking so long? What the fuck?

Bassist Amos Williams and drummer Jay Postones finally gave some answers in a recent interview with Altsounds.com [via Got-Djent] in which the Brits spoke about what they’ve been up to lately (touring all over Europe), their worldwide success via the Internet, and where plans stand for releasing an album (which has finally been recorded), among other topics. On the ever-lasting album release delay:

Altsounds: Can the fans expect the new album in 2010?

MOS: We’d hope so. We are very close to finalising the details of a contract. It has been hell for us to sit on this album, but we’ve had to make sure that all our hard work does not get thrown away on a contract that was wrong for us in the long term.

It really amazes me how many bands pay no heed to the details of their recording and publishing contracts. Just a little bit of clear thinking, patience, and foresight can be the difference between a career that flounders and is suffocated, and a career that steadily grows and blossoms into a success. We know its frustrating for the fans, but I think they’d prefer to own more than just one TesseracT album, and by being thorough and sticking to our guns, not getting carried away and rushing into a business relationship that can make or break most of our life goals, we may have a better chance at survival.

We really really appreciate the real fans’ patience, and wish the ones who speak with such aggressive language and ignorant tones, would see things from a sensible point of view. I’m sure there are bigger things in this world than the release of TesseracT’s debut album, pour some of that passion in to helping irradiate world hunger or poverty

Makes sense. It’s always good to make sure your business affairs are in perfect order rather than rushing, something far too many bands lose sight of in their haste to hit the supposed big-time. Fellow djenters Periphery similarly took their time releasing their first album and setting up their contracts correctly, and it’s paid off for them in spades. Seems like these guys have their heads placed squarely on their shoulders.

Elsewhere in the interview Amos and Jay get fairly technical about the gear they used to record the album and their live rigs, and go into quite a bit of depth about their writing and recording process. This is a fantastic interview, a djent fan’s wet dream; kudos are in order for Altsounds.com writer “danreviewer,” obviously a true fan, for making it happen and asking all the right questions.


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