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iron thrones - the wretched sun

We know we’re a little late to the party here, but cut us some slack… we were way too busy being nice to everyone yesterday! Not that there’s any reason not to be nice to Iron Thrones. But, ya know, we were pre-occupied. So forgive us for being a little tardy to the party.

Two weeks ago we gave you samples of new Iron Thrones music, and today we give you an entire new song called “Like A Moth to Flame” (although it’s been posted since Wednesday). It’s the opening track on The Wretched Sun, and it’s a helluva way to start off an album. I’m really impressed with the absolutely GIGANTIC sound captured courtesy of the production, recording and mixing wizardry of Will Putney… this record sounds absolutely massive, powerful and clear, just the way it should to capture the dense sound of this band. The composition, of course, speaks for itself… but we knew it would, as these are a massively talented bunch of dudes which is why we chose them (or helped to, anyway) to win this contest in the first place.

Stream “Like a Moth to Flame” on their nifty new Sons of Nero-designed MySpace page. The Wretched Sun comes out on July 27th. You WANT this record. Though we’ve had the music digitally for a while, I just got my physical copy of The Wretched Sun in the mail and it looks fucking sweeeeeeet!


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