I quite enjoyed Carnal Forge’s 2007 release Testify For My Vicitims; it didn’t reinvent the thrashy melodeth wheel or anything, but the band’s got their own little twist on things and Testify was a marked improvement in the songwriting department, IMO.

From what I understand, 3/5ths of the band’s lineup has changed since that album was recorded… but it doesn’t sound like all that much has changed on their new track “Blood War,” not that that’s a bad thing. The band self-recorded and produced the track independent of any album, and they filmed a new video for it too. Why they bothered filming a video without an album to promote in this day and age is a bit of a head-scratcher, but hey, here I am posting about it (though I’d have done the same if they simply posted the track on their MySpace). Check it out below.


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