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aliasesBack in April we told you that Pin, guitarist of the much beloved, now departed MetalSucks proverbial wet dream band SikTh, is back with a new SikTh-y new project called Aliases. Since SikTh fans are generally the kind of music dorks who troll message boards and update Wikipedia instantly with anything so much as the growth of a new testicle hair on any one member’s scrotum, I doubt that this was news to any existing fans but I do hope I turned a few new folks on to the magic of SikTh and/or Aliases.

Aliases have finally posted their first full song, “We Never Should Have Met,” the first with their new vocalist whose name doesn’t seem to be posted anywhere. The song is appropriately SikTh-y, although the lack of SikTh’s patented two-vocalist approach makes it different enough so as not to be too close for comfort. But isn’t too close for comfort kinda what we all want from any post-SikTh projects anyway? Regardless, the song rules. Check it out.


Thanks: Jesse Z., Alex Davis

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