Everyone's Replaceable


  • Axl Rosenberg

So last week vocalist Snowy Shaw announced that he was quitting Therion, and then a rumor started that he was joining Dimmu Borgir as a replacement for ICS Vortex. And then yesterday Therion released their own statement regarding Shaw’s departure, and, well, honestly, I didn’t even bother reading it. Why? Because a) I’m not a Therion fan, b) I can’t take a dude who calls himself “Snowy” seriously, c) Snowy had already said he was leaving the band so whatever, and d) I’m an irresponsible elitist snob. For if I had read the press release, I might have seen what SMN did — that it all but confirms Shaw’s new gig as a Dimmu Borgirian. From the statement:

“We are sad to confirm that Snowy Shaw has suddenly decided to not do any of the upcoming shows with Therion. This decision took us by surprise, because, up to now, we have had a great collaboration. The reason is simply that he has been working on an album with another big band (as a bass player – that came as a surprise too!), who have now offered him a deal he felt he could not refuse. We don’t think this is a good decision, but accept the situation and wish him good luck.”

So maybe if the rumor about Dimmu weren’t already out there, we’d all be scratching our heads about what “bigger band” they were referring to, but as it stands, they might as well have just said “He left to join Dimmu Borgir.” I mean, come ON.

And I’m not really sure why they’re so surprised he’s working as a bass player — my understanding is that Snowy is a known multi-instrumentalist who can also play the guitars and drums. In fact, when I ran a Google image search for Snowy for this article, one of the first pictures to come up was of him playing bass, dressed in Dimmu-appropriate gear:


So, there ya have it. Expect official confirmation of Snowy’s new job any second now.

And in case you’re not familiar with his work, well, that’s a video of him singing for Therion in 2007. So that’ll be the new clean voice of Dimmu.


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