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And, I mean, they’re not wrong — we did, in fact, report the mid-tour (well, after only one date) departure of bassist Nathaniel Carter before anyone else did thanks to our army of sleuthing tipsters. Check out the above video interview from conducted during Arsis’ MetalSucks-sponsored Facemelter Tour with Dying Fetus in which they name-check your favorite metal gossip site.

For whatever reason I really haven’t listened to Arsis’ latest album Starve for the Devil all that much since it came out, which is too bad, because it really is good. I don’t love it as much as I did its predecessor We Are the Nightmare, but like vocalist/guitarist/genuisman James Malone says in this interviewit’s just as technical as Nightmare but it’s more song-focused. And Malone most certainly lets his inner hair metal fan shine brightly: “Skid Row with blast beats.” I love that description… so true!


Thanks: Lauren Vega

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