Last week Axl wrote about Antagonist’s new song, “Sasha Grey” (stream it here), and wondered what the California quartet had against one of metal’s most beloved porn stars. Well, guess what? Vocalist/guitarist Carlos Garcia e-mailed MetalSucks to explain! And, as it turns out, there is no animosity towards Ms. Grey. Read on for the whole story…

Funny ass article, not going to lie. Thanks to Axl Rosenberg for being lighthearted about the song title, and not taking it too seriously, as some of the people on here have. Here’s the scoop on our song (and sorry to disappoint you all):

Originally, all the working titles of the new tracks were names of some of our favorite porn stars (i.e. Bree Olsen, Sunny Lane, and, of course, Sasha Grey). When I was writing lyrics for the album, I had the idea to keep one of the titles “as is” and base the theme of this song around the idea of someone who is selling themselves just to get ahead, just to be in the limelight, but losing all their integrity in the process. Basically, someone who is blinded by fame and fortune and forgets where they came from.

We kept the name “Sasha Grey” because she happens to be one of our FAVORITE pornstars right now, quite the contrary of what many of you have said. It’s not meant to be a bash at her at all, the lyrics aren’t about her. The title is more of a tribute, even if the lyrics state otherwise.

Anyway, hope that cleared up the misconception. Sorry to burst all your bubbles, and make sure to pick up a copy of the album on August 17th, since I know you guys all LOVE my band :)

-Carlos Garcia

So there you have it! Check out Antagonist on MySpace to listen to “Sasha Grey” and get all the latest news on the band’s upcoming album, World in Decline, which is out August 17 on Prosthetic.

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