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master musicians of bukkake

The guys that dreamed up Master Musicians of Bukkake knew full well that their band name would get you hornballs to pay attention. And hey, it worked.

The Seattle group features members of Sunn O))) and Earth and their music is basically like that of both groups — all sound effects and drone that go on forever and ever with no discernible structure — but done up in psychedelic/ambient form instead of a wall of fuzzy amplifiers. This would make good background music and that’s about it… I find it boring, as I do Sunn O))), and I certainly do not find it to be high art. But feel free to tell me why I’m wrong for not getting it in the comments, as you all have done so many times before.

Then again, from what I can gather from the copy on their MySpace page — and, of course, from their band name — these guys don’t take themselves too seriously. Which is good. Maybe they’re making fun of themselves? If so, I wholeheartedly support this project!


Thanks: AdamFuckingRahn

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