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Monster Magnet are releasing a new album through Napalm Records in October called Mastermind. Considering that the band has never released a bad record (except maybe for the hiccup that was 2001’s surf rock-minded God Says No…which, in all fairness, wasn’t terrible, just not that good), and that vocalist / mastermind Dave Wyndorf hasn’t died (yet), this news should make you giddy with joy. Sure, he overdosed in 2007, but he epitomizes the ‘rock and roll attitude’ so much that his badassedness didn’t even succumb to near death. If anything, he probably saw the light at the end of the tunnel and told it to go fuck itself with a sweet guitar riff and more drugs. And really, that’s probably not far off the mark.

Whether it’s the space rock, Hawkwind-worshipping stoner jams of Spine Of God, Superjudge, Tab, the almost-a-hit / stoner rock gem Dopes To Infinity, the massively successful Powertrip (and its god-like guitar solos from the fingertips of Ed Mundell), or the band’s recent output of the surprisingly good-in-retrospect 4-Way Diablo and the under-the-radar Monolithic Baby! albums, Monster Magnet have always written solid songs. And solos. And those ‘did-he-just-say-that?’ sex-charged, psychotropic lyrics.

Digression is as digression does, but Monster Magnet are on tour in Europe this very second and plan on a run of U.K. dates in November. Dear Dave Wyndorf and Company: Please play some U.S. shows. Don’t forget to bring the apple boxes the guitar players stand on when ripping through their solos, the Stacia-esque pseudo-strippers, the fire, and the riffs. Most importantly, the riffs. That and a goddamn good live show. You’re the closest thing this generation has to a Hendrix.

Best viewed at maximum volumes. This makes me want to dig out my old computer and find those European bootleg videos I have from this concert. Ace!


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