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This video of a sign language interpreter at the San Bernadino, CA stop of Ozzfest last week [sent in by Joey Ladiv] begs the question: why would any deaf people be at a concert in the first place? He’s clearly officially sanctioned by the venue / concert seeing as he’s behind the barrier and there are security guards right in front of him; maybe there’s some “equal oppotrunity” measure in California that mandates his presence? I don’t know… it strikes me as pretty fucking stupid and a waste of money. Pardon me for being un-PC / insensitive, but this seems about as unnecessary — even insulting — as a wheelchair ramp to a game of Dance Dance Revolution. If I’m way off-base here and there’s a big contingent of deaf metalheads… well then, color me corrected.

Anyway, this guy’s act makes for some unexpected entertainment when AC/DC’s ode to manliness “Big Balls” comes on over the PA between bands. It’s good to know that the sign for Invisible Oranges is universal.


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