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Like I said in my earlier post “VICTORY RECORDS DEFINED 90s HARDCORE,” I am a big fan of this leading independent label. With that in mind, I am very excited to share the latest episode of their branded video content product VICTORV. In their words:

This month’s episode is hosted by Hardcore Wrestling Legend: MICK FOLEY. Mick brings you exclusive interviews with Comeback Kid, Within The Ruins and himself along with new videos from WITHIN THE RUINS, THE AUTUMN OFFERING and SISTER SIN. CLOSE YOUR EYES gives you an “Inside the Van” segment which ties in with Mick’s parallels between professional wrestling and independent music. Plus, Mick provides a “what happens to naysayers out there on the ‘net” piece. Enjoy this great episode and the new era of VicTorV! Best of all, it is still FREE!

I didn’t watch the whole thing, but the Within The Ruins song is pretty cool, The Autumn Offering premiere a new video that’s also kinda tight, and some of you dinosaur metal fans might get into Sister Sin (I try to avoid listening to bands that MetalSucks readers like, so I’m only guessing, but they sound like what I imagine MS readers listen to, and they are European which I think is a good thing to you guys?). And if you’re fiending for some super-polished metalcore that’s not too heavy on either breakdowns or melody, you might also like the Beneath The Sky track on here.

MICK FOLEY HOSTS VICTORVVictory and professional wrestling have been BFFs for many years

Subscribe to VicTorV on Youtube, and tell them to put some vintage footage of EVEN SCORE in the next episode!

-Sergeant D.

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