Jumping Darkness Parade



Dear Metalsucks Readers,

It’s been a while. I would have liked to write some blogs recently, but, quite honestly, making the new DAATH record took every ounce of creative and physical energy I had available to me. I tried writing a few and I’d be embarrassed to put my name on what was coming out. So rather than give you guys inferior reading material, I decided to wait until I had more mental energy to devote to “JDP.”

Good news is that there’s lot’s of pent up shit in my head, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you guys. Then arguing about it, or not. Anyhow, hope you’ve all been as well as possible, and we’ll be sparring again soon!


Daath’s new, self-titled album comes out October 25 on Century Media. While you’re waiting patiently, why not visit Daath on MySpace?

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