• Axl Rosenberg

The first image of Dimmu Borgir’s new video, for the song “Gateways,” suggests that the viewer is about to experience something beautiful and maybe even unique to metal videos; then it just turns into another “band in a warehouse” video like a million other “band in a warehouse” videos, only, like, with a slo-mo dove and stuff. (By the way, it’s come to my attention that these videos are almost never filmed in warehouses — in fact, I don’t think the band is in a warehouse in this video. But I understand why people always think they’re looking at a warehouse… these locations do look kinda warehouse-y.) Not helping is that this song features one of the most annoying vocal performances I’ve ever heard (by the Goth(ier) Annie Lennox chick in the black), and that instead of dressing like Immortal, the members of Dimmu now dress like Marilyn Manson circa-Mechanical Animals — or, as reader Chainsword astutely observed, like tauntauns.

Dimmu Borgir’s new album, Snowy Doesn’t Love Here Anymore, comes out October 12 on Nuclear Blast, or September 24 if you live in Germany or have an internet connection.


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