Back in July, my main man Vince told you about Chile’s Mar de Grises, and compared them to Insomnium and Swallow the Sun; I’ve been listening to their latest album, Streams Inwards, a fair amount recently, and I’m basically just here to tell you that he’s right. (And I’d probably add Daylight Dies to that list, too.) If you dig the aforementioned bands and you aren’t listening to Mar de Grises, you are depriving yourself of some music that I can pretty much guarantee you’ll flip for.

Because like the music made by those other bands, Stream Inwards is epic, cinematic, melodic, and haunting. I don’t know that if it brings anything new to the melodoom table, but I also kinda think this is an instance of lack-of-innovation not really mattering; it feels good to listen to Stream Inwards, and sometimes, feeling good is good enough. Don’t forget that Insomnium have basically been making the same album over and over and over again, and at the end of the day, their fans (including me) don’t really seem to care because it’s all so capital-“A” Awesome. Ditto Streams Inwards.

Streams Inwards is out now on Season of Mist. You can check out the track “Shining Human Skin” here.


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