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vit Because we like our coffee with a little bit of milk in it (but no sugar!).

  • Martriden: Martiden’s press page on their official website is full of way too many reviews that a casual visitor — or even a professional one, like myself — will never ever bother to read, but hey, at least they’re good reviews. So instead just get a free mp3 of the track “The Three Metomorpheses” below to get a taste of their excellently executed Behemoth-style black/death. Martriden, you can thank Brian Hosterman for this post; apparently he’s been stalking you on YouTube for some time. Martriden – “The Three Metomorpheses”
  • Vit describe themselves as “a black/doom metal band” but they’re really so much more and unlike anything I’ve heard before. They definitely incorporate some elements of black metal into their sound in the way of dreamy, dark guitarscapes that call to mind the psychedelia of bands like Liturgy, Nachtmystium and Enslaved, but there’s also a whole lot of other influences present from indie rock to thrash. The “doom” label is on point though because they do seem to enjoy playing their black metal reaaaaalllly slooooowwwwly. I love the dry but clear production. A very interesting band to be sure. Free full album download and stream of their new album at Bandcamp. Oh, and said album is named after a punctuation mark, specifically the hyphen. Vit, be sure to thank your fellow band member John Kerr for having the motivation and wherewithal to email us (and for not pretending to be a rabid fan)!
  • Forest of Impaled: Oh come on, like you don’t already know exactly what this band sounds like based on their name. Go ahead and confirm your suspicions. Forest of Impaled dudes, be sure to thank your homegirl Jennifer Lyn for emailing us on your behalf.
  • The Secret: Dirty as fuck black metal-meets-hardcore. The Secret have been around for a while but recently signed with Southern Lord. Solve Et Coagula will be released on September 28th and was produced by Kurt Ballou. Stream the album’s track “Double Slaughter” at Brooklyn Vegan.


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