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You may remember that last summer, Malevolent Creation guitarist Phil Fasciana claimed to have prevented a convenience store robbery by shooting the perpetrator in the face; he also claimed — and this was really the best part of his story — that the shop’s owner rewarded this mitzvah by offering him a free lifetime supply of chocolate milk. ‘Cause we all know that chocolate milk is what a man’s life is worth. Remember at the end of Die Hard, when John McClane saves the day, and his wife is all, “Oh, John, let’s make-up,” and he shoves her aside and goes, “No, just gimme my chocolate milk, bitch?” ‘Cause that’s just how shit like that goes down in real life.

You may also remember the shock we all felt when this highly plausible story turned out to be complete bullshit, and the heartbreak that ensued after Fasciana lashed out at interwebz dorks like us, insisting the story was true and telling webernet readers, “Get out of the house and maybe someone will try robbing and shooting you one day!!!!” Which is the reason I haven’t actually ventured outdoors since then; I’m just, like, super-afraid of becoming some chocolate milk fiend’s target, y’know?

And, hey, guess what? Looks Fasciana is acting like a nut case again!

When Vince and I interviewed All Shall Perish guitarist Ben Orum at Summer Slaughter in August, he hinted that ASP had had some trouble with Malevolent Creation at a recent gig, telling us, “I had a kind of shitty experience with them,” but refusing to elaborate further. Luckily for all of us, Rob at Metal Injection is a much more persuasive  than we are, and, during MI’s own interview, he got Orum to tell the whole story: Apparently, after Orum told Fasciana that he was a huge fan, Fasciana —

  • Asked Orum if he had any cocaine.
  • Flipped Orum off when Orum responded that, no, he did not have any cocaine.
  • Told Orum that All Shall Perish, and other bands like All Shall Perish, are “nigger bands.”

Now, I can just sense some clever Malevolent Creation fan getting ready to point out the obvious, which is that there’s no real evidence that any of this took place. Which is true.

But right now, it’s Orum’s word versus the word of a band that of a dude who claims to have killed a homicidal hobo and been rewarded with chocolate milk, and refuses to admit that he’s lying even in the face of the police coming out and saying, “This didn’t happen.” Which could be some huge cop conspiracy, like in L.A. Confidential, but which is probably just, y’know, the truth.

So, no, I do not find Orum’s story difficult to believe.

Watch the interview in question above. The part about Malevolent Creation begins at the 4:56 mark. And don’t forget that Metal Injection has tons more awesome Summer Slaughter coverage, including interviews and live footage, right here!


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