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byzantineI may be the only journalist still covering Byzantine’s every move, but quite frankly it’s everyone else’s loss. What you all are missing out on is one of 2008’s best albums in Oblivion Beckons.

Guitarist and vocalist Chris “OJ” Ojeda” apparently doesn’t agree with my assessment; according to reader Rob K, who was at the band’s show in Morgantown, WV this past weekend, Ojeda claimed* the band will soon be recording a new record and that they didn’t have fun making Oblivion Beckons. According to Rob, the band does not wish to deal with any record labels this time around and will be perfectly content selling CDs out of their cars.

So apparently Byzantine’s future won’t be limited to sporadic shows in their home state as previously offered, which is great news by me since I plan on going to see them in West Virginia right about never. I can’t say what effect co-founder/guitarist Tony Rohrbough’s departure from the band will have on their material, but the band seems to have settled on a replacement in ex-Split Nixon axeman Brian Henderson.

Naturally you can expect more Byzantine news on MetalSucks as it comes our way.


*Whether he said this to Rob in person or announced it to the audience isn’t clear.

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