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For real: Intronaut’s forthcoming album Valley of Smoke is going to absolutely smoke your valley. It’s a crushingly heavy and doomy/stoney but adventurously progressive journey. It’s that rare album that can excite both the hardcore/mosh-types of metalheads and the musical-ability-first, progressive nerd-types of metalheads (other bands that do this: Mastodon, East of the Wall). Intronaut are that rare band that readers of both Pitchfork and Shredders R’ Us Magazine can get giant boners over, and they’re a band that will blow your mind whether you’re stoned to the point of decapacitation or you’re perfectly sober. Valley of Smoke is fucking awesome no matter how you cut it up, and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite albums of 2010.

We’re working on convincing guitarist Sacha Dunable to rejuvenate his Blogronaut column on MetalSucks, but in the meantime the band is offering these “making of” studio webisodes that provide a nice little glimpse into the making of Valley of Dongs Smoke. Just listen to the first riff in the video below and tell me you aren’t instantly sold.

Valley of Smoke drops October 12th via Century Media, and it’s available for pre-order in a variety of package deal configurations here.


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