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During a recent interview, Lars Ulrich stated that Metallica “did not take advantage of everything that [Jason Newsted] had to give.” Which strikes me as Ulrich being too hard on himself. I mean, really, you’re telling me that Jason Newsted’s talents can be better utilized than they were in this song?

I mean, that’s a classic right there! The first time I heard it, I was all, “Master of Whatits?”

Still, I was curious what Newsted thought of Ulrich’s apparent admission of guilt. Here’s what Newsted told me*:

“That’s nice of him to say, but, really, I’m very proud of the work I did with the band… I mean, I was on Justice, almost… and they actually gave me a songwriting credit on “My Friend of Misery,” which I think is a pretty cool song, and… uh, hey, at least I wasn’t there for St. Anger, right? [laughs] And, um… I had Echobrain, which… and Ozzy, I got play with Ozzy… hey, remember when I was in Voivod? It was cool to be in Voivod… one time this kid in Wyoming spotted me and shouted, ‘Hey, Jasonic!’, which was… and Rock Star Supernova… I think we really accomplished a lot with that, that, that proj-ect, and… You heard about my art show, right?”

And then I heard deep, sustained sobbing sounds, and someone blowing his nose, and then Newsted said “Sorry man I think I hear my doorbell” and hung up.

In conclusion:


*The rest of that sentence should read,”during an imaginary conversation in my head.”

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