What the...??



Given how often we poke fun at Blaze Bayley ’round the Mansion I’m surprised that none of us had seen the below clip, sent in by MS Maniac Shane “My Newborn Baby Wears Iron Maiden shirts” Gillis, in which the disgraced former Iron Maiden singer absolutely loses his shit in the middle of a performance of “The Trooper.”

I’m dying know what went on up front that got him so miffed; does it have anything to do with the would-be stage-diver who security nabs at the very beginning? Seems like things are hunky dory in Blaze-land until around the 0:43 mark when he suddenly starts pointing into the crowd and puts on a perma-scowl that doesn’t leave his face for the entire song. I don’t think it’s just an instance of Axl Rose-type psychoses on Blaze’s part though, because for Steve Harris to get as pissed as he does at the end, chill guy that he usually is, something must’ve really been wrong.

Janick Gers, as always, is completely oblivious. Bless that guy!


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