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A Life Once Lost MetalSucks CMJ 2010

You know we’re teaming up with our bestest buds at Metal Injection and 1000Knives to put on a showcase at this year’s CMJ Music Marathon, right? It’s on Wednesday, October 20th at Club Europa in Brooklyn, and it’s gonna be one of the best shows of the year. WE SHIT YOU NOT. Which is why we’re not surprised that you’ve already bought a ticket. And if you didn’t, well, please allow us to give you five awesome reasons why you should:

1) IT’S A LIFE ONCE LOST’S FIRST NYC SHOW IN A YEAR AND A HALF. A Life Once Lost put on an absolutely KILLER show; we’ve seen them play festivals, we’ve seen them play basements, we’ve seen them play clubs and we’ve seen them play theaters, and they have never, ever done anything less than rip our faces off, eat those faces, shit out those faces, and then affix that shit on our skulls where our faces used to go. It’s been way, way too long since they played our neck of the woods, and the venue is so scared for its own well-being that they’re enlisting some Expendables-type soldiers of fortune to work security. Seriously.

2) CAR BOMB, THIS OR THE APOCALYPSE, BAPTIZED IN BLOOD, AND LAST CHANCE TO REASON. That’s actually like another FOUR reasons right there. Car Bomb’s music is seemingly made by schizophrenics for other schizophrenics, and a Car Bomb show is like the best fever-induced nightmare you’ve ever had. DAVE MOTHERFUCKING MUSTAINE is managing Baptized in Blood now, and CHRIS MOTHERFUCKING ADLER produced This or The Apocalypse’s new album, Haunt What’s Left; we can’t think of any higher authorities to endorse a young band than those dudes. We caught Last Chance to Reason live for the first time in August, and were blown away; this band is gonna be really big, so now you’re chance to check ’em out and say you knew them when.

3) BIG JAY OAKERSON IS THE M.C. Fresh off his stint the Rockstar Mayhem Festival this summer, one of the funniest fucking stand-ups in the game today is gonna be hosting our party, too. No, we’re not doing the grim n’ brooding thing; this is MetalSucks, Metal Injection, and 1000Knives. We are bringing the funny, and we are bringing it Big.

4) IT’S YOUR CHANCE TO HELP OUT A GOOD CAUSE. Inspired by Nergal’s recent battle against leukemia and his call for awareness of the need of bone marrow donors, we’re holding a donor drive at the show. It will be administered by The Icla da Silva Foundation, Inc., and the table will be set up near the merch area. Participants will be asked to fill out a form detailing some of their medical history, and then a swab will be taken from inside the cheek to determine whether or not they are an eligible donor. There will also be educational pamphlets available for concert goers who want to learn more. This is your chance to prove that music really can save lives, so get on board!

5) IT’S GONNA BE THE AWESOMEST HANG EVER. Between Axl, Vince, and Rob and Frank from Metal Injection, there is over a hundred years of experience in getting fucked up. At least 75% of these idiots have a drug problem, and all of them are currently on waiting lists for a liver transplant. We are not gonna stop headbanging ’til we all whiplash, we’re not gonna stop partying until we’ve each vomited at least twice, and we are going to be all the stupider for our night of incredible fun. We really, really hope you can join us.

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