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As We Draw - Lines Breaking Circles

We’ve gotten as many emails about French post-hardcore/metal outfit As We Draw over the past month as we received about Journal, so it’s about time I showed them a little love. I haven’t been into post-hardcore lately as much as I was a few years ago, but this trio of 21-year olds shows a helluva lot of promise.

They’re At The Drive In for the ’10s but without the emo-y vocals, alternately crushing and artsy with both fits of hardcore rage and post-metal soundscapery. Their songs are just straight-forward enough to follow but just technical enough to keep things from sounding stale, a tough balance to strike. They’ve got a really good mix of sounds that seems suited to please most metal fans, and what’s more their new album is completely self-recorded.

Their debut album Lines Breaking Circles just came out via Throatruiner Records; you can listen to two songs on their MySpace to see what I’m talking about, and then since I’m pretty sure you’ll be impressed you can go on and download the entire album for free right here.


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